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The Traeger Grill Destination in Independence, Kansas 

Here is Why You Should Buy a Traeger at Woods Lumber

Traeger wood-fired, pellet grills are superior to gas & charcoal grills for a variety of reasons. Traeger grills offer superior flavor more versatility and are easier to use. The taste of the food that comes off a Traeger is just mouth watering to even think about. If you are in Kansas or Oklahoma and are looking for the best grills on the market, come to Woods Lumber to see for yourself what makes Traeger Wood Fired Grills so special. 

These are Only 5 Reasons to Buy a Traeger Grill


The Best Taste

Wood fired grills are superior to gas and charcoal grills as they really embed your food with a smokey flavor that is just amazing. The natural infusing process will allow your food to have a hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, or a variety of other additional flavors. These pure hardwood pellets give your food a pure flavor.

Traeger Consistency

Cooking Consistency

There is nothing more aggravating than having the perfect food put on the grill, but the subpar burners give a poor cook. If you want to grill like a pro, then Traeger Grills have made that possible with the consistent temperature features. You can trust that your food will be cooked evenly and thoroughly with the hardwood pellets. 

Traeger Ease

So Easy to Use

You can spend more time with friends and family rather than standing by the grill making sure the food doesn't burn when you own a Traeger Grill from Woods Lumber. The simple controls make these cookers easy throughout the entire cooking process.

Traeger Versatility

Tons of Versatility

At Woods Lumber, we want to offer you the tools to make your life easier, and we know there is not much of anything you cannot cook on a Traeger Grill. The 6-in-1 capability allows you to cook every part of your many course meal right there on the grill. 

Traeger Community

Great Community

When you buy a Traeger Grill, you join the club of individuals that love to the same exact thing you do, grill to perfection. As the community of people that own a Traeger continues to grow, so do the number ways  you can use it as the experiences get shared online with others to see and experience as well.

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